I’m heading into week six of school and I’m sick already. Totally sucks. I hate losing my weekend to self-care. My oldest daughter had a bit of a cold last week and with the weather change from 80 degree temps to 60 degree temps, I’ve got a full-blown head cold. Part of it may well be from working in Kindergarten with all the new germs. Keeps my immune system on her toes.


Usually, a good solid day of sleeping and fluids will put me just about right again. Which tells me, yes, I need more rest and fluids in general.

My reaction to a weekend of self-care is also telling. I want to WANT to take better care of myself and not feel sheepish telling my family they’re  on their own this weekend. Truly, they are old enough, and will be fine. I want them to understand I’m not asking for their permission or pity. I’m sick and I’m going to take care of myself…off you go.

This last week of September, I’m taking part in a focus group to find a new school superintendent. I’m more excited about heading to Chicago this coming weekend with my girls!

Which brings me to my little contest.

We had three guesses, two from new readers which was SUPER exciting! Thank you Alma, Sue and eyoung24 for bravely offering up names. My bias, as the kids say, is Jimin.


He is so beautiful. I think that might have been the first thing I said to my girls about K-pop. As I got a little deeper in, he became three-dimensional. He’s, in turn, charming, silly, a scaredy cat, funny, touchingly sensitive. One thing that strikes me about these boys is their humanity.

So, in celebration of our upcoming concert trip and to thank my readers, all three of you will be getting a book with a little surprise from the concert. Thanks so much for playing with me! I’ll be contacting you for your information.

Now, back to my bed and Gypsy Cold Care Tea…….



34 thoughts on “Sick, already?

  1. Sorry you’re feeling so yuck. At least you have a week to recover before the big concert! Thanks for awarding all three of us prizes! Since I’ve read “Solitude” but haven’t yet bought “Kawaipuna Cottage”, I’ll look forward to a copy of the latter! Thanks!

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  2. Get better soon! I know my kid’s been sniffling lately as well but that’s what happens when school time comes. Definitely get rest and prepare for next weekend!!!

    At the moment, K-pop eludes me although I did see a few clips of them last year. I also have waaaaay too many irons in the fire LOL

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  3. After reading you work with kindergartners (sp?) I can understand why your are sick. They are total germ factories! Walking disease pits. Still, it has to be a great way to build up your immune system. Not that it helps anyone recover, but I always take some cold medicine with a good shot of tequila or rum to knock me the hell out for 10 or 12 hours. Don’t know if I get better faster or just sleep through it. 😀 Feel better.

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              1. I forgot to ask about fireball last night, maybe after I get done with this doctor visit I can find out if they have it here from my bar friend who knows all the liquor distributors and orders for his work. 🥃🍷🍹

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                    1. Someone posted a funny drinking meme with different alcohol brands describing “what your drinking choice says about you.” The last one was Fireball! I am not sure how to post a pic in responses, but now I know. 😀

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        1. LOL
          I really won’t, I promise! I’ve not gone quite that far back in time. Though I enjoy their music and they make me giggle, I’ve no interest in writing K-pop fan fiction.
          Liz is tempting me with thoughts of an erotic Halloween tale that has me thinking of a beastly story I promised ages ago…..

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      1. Every day we’ve had for Professional Development days the last 2 years, were eaten for hurricane make up days. Last year, they added a day to our post planning (actually, they TOOK one of our post planning days) for that Professional Development.

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    1. I’m loving having something in common with the girls. I love watching them grow up and change and all the laughing and good times we’re having along the way!
      I think I was afraid a lot of happiness was behind me, I’m very happily proven wrong.

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  4. Jimin was my first bias from BTS as well. I love his graceful yet strong dance skills! And his voice is angelic. But now, I don’t really have a bias. They can all at one point or another bias-wreck me from time to time, though. I asked my daughter if that’s acceptable – to have no bias but just a bunch of bias wreckers. LOL! She said she understands. Her bias is Taehyung but she says they all are her bias, really.

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