I’ve been sitting down to write but getting distracted…

It happens like this.

You find a pretty wallpaper on Pinterest. click click

Aww, they’re so cute! click click

Smart, and sweet too! click click

What the….maybe I should make a board. click click

Ahem. I think I need a Jimin board. click click click  Aegyo means cuteness factor, lol.

Better make it private… click click dang! click

What time is- Oh, so true!! click click



What was I going to write?






15 thoughts on “BTS truth

      1. If we can’t sort out by talking (out loud/writing) about the multitude of demands, issues, concerns, questions, et al here with friends, or strange people you don’t know but like the way you write, (me) what good are we? Heh 🦋😁

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