I completely underestimated how holding my own book in my own hand would feel.

Thank you to all the readers from Wattpad on and a special thanks to Liz Durano for finding the cover and formatting for me.

A little Chimmy for the extra smile.

20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving being Extra

  1. Even though I had nothing to do with the creation of it in any way, it is really nice to hold. But I didn’t buy it cause it felt good to hold, or just liked the cover design, I liked the writing. This last October, I noticed it was released in August and wanted it so yeah, I ordered it. I think it’s pretty cool. Congrats girlπŸ“š

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      1. You mean, (gulp) Now that you know, you would still do the naked mambo with Mr. A if he pretended to be “emotionally” distraught? 😲
        I’m shocked! Hahaha. I guess we do not need a poll to know where most would fall on that survey.

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