“If you can’t work in a field you are passionate about, learn to be passionate about what you do.”


My thoughts exactly.


I don’t remember who this was attributed to, and it’s a paraphrase from my not perfect memory.  I saw it on a bulletin board yesterday at work. It was a bit deflating, first thing in the morning, especially mixed with everything already churning in my head.

I’ve worked many different jobs in my life. I’ve always gone above and beyond and been successfully promoted.

The single most difficult part of writing is not being acknowledged on a regular daily or weekly basis. After I’ve spent a week writing a chapter or two, no one is sitting at my dinner table pouring a drink and putting their feet up ready to commiserate with me and my sore butt. Realizing that the society of friends is the reason I’ve been able to stick with the school this long has finally pushed me to start looking at writing retreats. I need some (geographically) close friends who write!



8 thoughts on “Squandered Passion?

  1. A writing retreat might be just what you need! It’s hard to buckle down to write when working a full time job and then coming home to look after a household with children. There are only so many hours in a day after all. I wish you success!!

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  2. You are definitely passionate about what you do…professionally and creatively as a writer…even a professional writer. One of the things I find most enjoyable about writing on WP is the community and support we have for one another. As you suggest, sometimes it is people thousands of miles away that give us more support than those around us. Writing a book is another challenge when you can’t get encouragement along the way.


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