It Should Be Easy

It should be easy to write about meeting my brother. It’s merely a matter of sitting in front of a … More

Cold-Blooded Murder?

She asked me outright, “Have you thought perhaps she killed him?” I think I stood across the counter from her … More

It’s Alive!

Week 34 (Nov 24) Despite our early cold weather and having to move the plant inside, I’ve harvested a good … More

Enviable Innocence

      My youngest is twelve. She loves BTS as only a twelve-year-old girl is capable. She will defend … More


Today is Mother’s Day. This day, perhaps more than any other day of the year carries such varied emotions. For … More

A Safe Place

No, Ron. Never. I was looking at safe/panic rooms, and this gif came up. It resonates with me on a … More

Head or Heart?

I’m in a learning phase. A dreaming place. A chapter of curiosity. A crossroad, if you will. I’ve been here … More