Well, hello yourself, March!

Working for Friends

The nine inches of snow we got today tell a different story, but I can feel the wriggle of life … More

Is it Spring yet?

I know it isn’t. I’m so very tired of winter. Last week we had two days above 0 degrees, and … More

The Flu

It has derailed me for two weeks. My youngest brought it home from middle school and it was a type … More

Reality VS Expectation

Last September I promised a couple of readers who participated in a little quiz game a copy of a book … More

Looking Back, 2018

I’m starting this post in a noisy hotel room in Billings, Montana. The girls are tired and arguing as they … More

Squandered Passion?

“If you can’t work in a field you are passionate about, learn to be passionate about what you do.”   … More