Sick, already?

I’m heading into week six of school and I’m sick already. Totally sucks. I hate losing my weekend to self-care. … More

BTS is coming

In April, my oldest daughter asked me to take her to a concert in Chicago at the end of June. … More

How Does this Work?

I really want to know. How does this universe see me? How does the energy everything is made from relate … More

Too Hot!

A lovely little advertisement made for one of my books. LOVE IT!   Zoe Flanders has had a hell of … More

Favorite Funnies

It’s Thursday and I need a good belly laugh. If you’re still laughing, head on over to my Pinterest page. … More


I took some time this morning to look through some of my old writing notebooks. I wish I hadn’t. It … More


Personally, I think that much of my angst over writing comes from not knowing what tools are out there to … More